6th St. #153 La Parguera
 Lajas, Puerto Rico 00667 Tel. 787-899-6633

Eco-Green Hotel

Committed to green practices.

How we are green.

Turtle Bay Inn is the only solar Parador in the south-west of Puerto Rico since February 2011 when a photovoltaic system of 17.16 KW which provides near 90% of energy needed in the Hotel was installed. That production is transferred during the day to the AEE distribution lines and at night comes back and is used by the Parador to run all the facilities. The PV (Photovoltaic) Direct Solar System provides benefits that goes beyond utility savings, reliability and environmental consciousness that clearly demonstrates the synergy between environmentally sensitive Hotels like Turtle Bay Inn and the photovoltaic technology. The premises are illuminated by solar LED 10W high efficient lights. The hot water is distributed to all rooms by the use of three Turbo solar water heaters with a capacity of over 750 gallons.

The energy meters at the main solar panels and building are constantly monitoring the energy consumption allowing Management to schedule equipment usage to avoid wasting the Energy produced. Also, the wind meters installed are to monitor wind power in the area of La Parguera with the intention to add a wind turbine that could provide us the remaining 5-10% of energy, to make us 100% independent of electrical power.

The gardens are composed of native and adaptive Puerto Rican plants that provides the oxygen and environment forthe guests to make them feel one with Nature.



Sustainability policy

Our Commitment

Turtle Bay Inn is committed to environmental protection and sustainability guided by our very own Green Program. The company program, strives to minimize our property operational impact on the environment through resource conservation and best practices.

In delivering this commitment Turtle Bay Inn Management and employees will endeavor to:

  • Work diligently to minimize our waste stream and conserve natural resources, particularly through energy and water conservation.
  • Work diligently to minimize our waste stream and conserve natural resources, particularly through energy and water conservation.
  • Value the natural and cultural heritage of our properties, allowing us to give our guests an authentically local experience.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and strive to follow best environmental practices.
  • Make environmental considerations an important aspect of decision-making.
  • Review the objectives of our Green Partnership Program on a periodic basis.
  • Build local partnerships in the communities where we do business. These partnerships allow us to share our stewardship message, effect positive environmental change, and raise awareness for our guests and colleagues.
  • Promise to consider the opinions and feedback of our guests when examining our environmental programs and procedures.
  • Identify areas for improvement and innovation at the property level and support the efforts of the Green Teams at each of our properties.

We recognize that in many ways, we are ahead others in developing and implementing Energy Conservation strategies. However, we will continue searching for the best and more efficient practices available that could allow us to support a healthier environment for future generations.



Eco- sustainable route

Discover why we are Eco-Sustainable, follow Route with Tertelin and find the areas that make us eco-friendly to the environment and the planet.

Tertelin is our interpretive and educational character. Her name comes from the “Spanglish”-Turtle Inn-as many locals pronounce it. She belongs to the specie Chelonia mydas or green turtle who born in the Bioluminescent Bay channels of La Parguera and came back due to the need to create a unique nesting site, clean, comfortable, safe and quiet to protect herself from enemies.

In her shell she has a series of numbers encrypted, that when you add them together they equals the number “15” regardless of the direction in which you read them. This comes from the Feng Shui mythology or  the Lo Shu Square. Curiously, she arrived to the 6th Street # 153 of the village of La Parguera; these numbers added together results in the number -15- that happens to be at the same time the number of the sections of the Chinese solar calendar. Inside her shell she brings Good luck for those that come and visits her, in addition to the message to protect the Environmental and the Endangered Species like her.

Her final goal is to achieve and educate others as to how to live a long life full of peace and quality. Another of her main goals is to implement practices that will prevent global warming, situation that will lead her eggs to grow as males without females, resulting in the disappearance of the specie.

Tertelin is always smiling, with a facial expression of peace and tranquility. Her shell is the backpack where she keeps her adventure equipment. Her fins are extended in order to give a warm welcome to all Turtle Bay Inn visitors.

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