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 Lajas, Puerto Rico 00667 Tel. 787-899-6633

About Us

A little history.

Eco-Green Hotel

Turtle Bay Inn is the only solar Parador in the south-west of Puerto Rico since February 2011 when a photovoltaic system of 17.16 KW which provides near 90% of energy needed in the Hotel was installed.

Eco-sustainable route

Discover why we are Eco-Sustainable, follow the route in our hotel with Tertelin and find the areas that make us eco-friendly to the environment and the planet


Turtle Bay Inn is committed to environmental protection and sustainability guided by our very own Green Program. The company program, strives to minimize our property operational impact on the environment through resource conservation and best practices.

Story About Us

Turtle Bay Inn is a unique and charming place located in a quiet area, away from the noisy downtown El Poblado (La Parguera-public square area). Most guests’ reviews highlight the quality of sleep, relaxing atmosphere, and superior cleanliness of rooms, premises and gardens. It is located at just steps from downtown El Poblado and Playita Rosada (natural swimming pool) in the town of Lajas, Puerto Rico. La Parguera is a very beautiful fishermen village that is part of the Natural Reserve between Guánica and Cabo Rojo.


Turtle Bay Inn is owned by a Special Partnership called Turtle Bay Inn –consisting of three members of the Rivera Ruiz family. Zulma Rivera is the major Partner and General Manager.

Zulma holds a Master’s degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez Campus. The University Marine Sciences Department is located in the Magueyes Island, located few steps across the Turtle Bay Inn facility. While working for the private manufacturing industry for 25 years, Zulma wanted to invest for her retirement in an Industry that could have some potential growth, being the Tourism industry one option at that time. The land where Turtle Bay Inn is located was acquired in December 2007, from a local electrical contractor that had planned to build a two story facility for a Bed and Breakfast, but for personal reasons decided not to continue with the Project. Ms. Rivera analyzed the pro’s and con’s of such big investment, and in October 2008 started the construction of the Hotel. It took only seven months to finish and equipped the facility, and in April 9, 2009 Turtle Bay Inn opened to the public with a 100% of its rooms occupied.

Ethic Values

Fulfillment in all the processes assigned to the staff, ensuring a smooth operation and overall performance of the hotel.


To work with honesty and moral commitment to the actions that impact the image of the Parador and the human quality of the individuals that work with us.


Be friendly to employees and customers by demonstrating concern for the needs of customers, by smiling and offering a warm welcome, and by being thoughtful for them.


This value as honesty and responsibility is a core value that enables the relationship between individuals and also maintains a positive and productive environment at work. The respect between employees and customers are the main key to our Success.

Vision & Mission


We intend to be the leaders and models in the guest services area by contributing responsibly and effectively to the growth of tourism of the South-West region of Puerto Rico.


To secure a leadership position in all our services by providing to our customers the quality of service as well as experience and efficiency, to become the hotel of excellence and preference of all La Parguera, Lajas, Puerto Rico.

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